Toronto woman single 55 wants to retire. can she afford it

At that time, the government will require her to start withdrawing specific amounts from her RRIF, which will push her into a higher tax bracket.

This year-old woman wants to pay off her mortgage before retirement - The Globe and Mail

Since her portfolio is substantial, Plaskett suggests Kathleen explore the options available to her, such as hiring an investment counseling firm. Once she retires, disability insurance will cease to be an option, for instance — she must earn an income to qualify. Plaskett suggests she meet with a living benefits specialist, who focuses on disability, critical illness and long-term care insurance.

Can You Afford To Retire? How To Retire Early

She can learn more about how they can protect her in the event of disability or contracting a critical disease. While Kathleen has no dependent, those two types of insurance would pay out a lump sum for her expenses. In a worse case scenario, Kathleen could sell her home to fund long-term care costs but her home is something she indicated that she wants to hold onto for the foreseeable future.

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More Retirement stories on Thestar. Kathleen wants to retire within three years but wants to ensure she can also swing a substantial home renovation within the next five years. Kathleen has sufficient funds to retire even when factoring in renovation costs. She should enlist an investment counselling firm to professional manage her portfolio and reduce overall fees. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited.

How much do you really need for retirement? We did the math

To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: Star Business Journal Personal Finance. By Deanne Gage Special to the Star. Kathleen, 47 The problem: How to calculate withdrawal rates on your RIF. But Nathalie has three questions.

She's single, 47 and debt-free. Can she afford to retire?

And if so, then I should sell some equities every year and buy a new five-year GIC rung to compensate for the GIC rung that has been spent in any given year, right? Or if not, then I feel like I should let the allocation gradually drift toward equities to finally reach a allocation at age What should I do? And she plans to spend all her money by age Here is his assessment of her retirement numbers. This just goes to show you that retirement modelling is a sensitive science. Most of her expenses are likely fixed expenses. Averages are a starting point—Nathalie knows best what she spends and can live on. How to make your TFSA and your work pension work together. She may buy three or more cars during the rest of her life, and that needs to be considered. She owns two properties, including a rural cabin.

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Ongoing repairs and renovations may be required and may not be factored into her budget. She likely has medical coverage now at work that could mean such expenses are out-of-pocket expenses post-retirement.

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And if she sells her cabin in the future to buy an RV, she will likely have to consider capital gains tax on the sale. Nathalie mentions she wants to ensure her money can last until age given the longevity in her family.

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  • How to retire at 55 with $586,000?
  • So most people should be planning to live to plus unless they have a strong reason to believe their life expectancy will be short. If she thinks she will live to age , that longevity is a reason to consider deferring these pensions until as late as age Both pensions are adjusted higher if you defer them and keep paying forever, reducing the reliance on your investments. Deferring pensions is kind of like insurance against the risk of living too long. If she proceeds on this basis, her taxable income appears to be pretty stable throughout retirement and always in the lowest combined federal and Quebec tax brackets, which is what you want.