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When Did We Learn that Superman's Birthday Was On February 29th?

The Quest for Peace , released on July 24, While harsh criticism focused on the film's comedic and campy tone, as well as the casting and performance of Pryor, the special effects and Christopher Reeve's performance as Superman were praised. Gus Gorman, a chronically unemployed ne'er do well, discovers he has a talent for computer programming, and is hired at the Metropolis -based conglomerate Webscoe.

Gus embezzles from his employer through salami slicing , bringing him to the attention of CEO Ross Webster. Webster is intrigued by Gus's potential to help him rule the world financially. Joined by sister Vera and "psychic nutritionist" Lorelei Ambrosia, Ross blackmails Gus into helping him. Clark Kent convinces his Daily Planet boss, Perry White , to let him return to Smallville for his high-school reunion. En route, as Superman, he extinguishes a fire in a chemical plant containing unstable beltric acid, which produces corrosive vapor when superheated.

Infuriated by Colombia 's refusal to do business with him, Ross orders Gus to command Vulcan, an American weather satellite, to create a tornado to destroy Colombia's coffee crop for the next several years, allowing Webster to corner the market on coffee. Gus travels to Smallville to use the offices of WheatKing, a subsidiary of Webscoe, to reprogram the satellite.

Though Vulcan creates a devastating storm, Ross's scheme is thwarted when Superman neutralizes it, saving the harvest. Ross orders Gus to use his computer knowledge to create Kryptonite , remembering an interview with Superman. Gus uses Vulcan to locate, scan, and analyze Krypton's debris. He discovers that one of the elements of Kryptonite is an "unknown" compound, and substitutes tar. Lana convinces Superman to appear at Ricky's birthday party, but Smallville turns it into a town celebration. Gus and Vera, disguised as Army officers, give Superman the flawed Kryptonite, which has no immediate effect, but Superman soon becomes selfish; his desire for Lana causes him to delay rescuing a truck driver from a jackknifed rig hanging from a bridge.

Superman becomes depressed, upset, and casually destructive, committing petty acts of vandalism, such as blowing out the Olympic Flame , and straightening the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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Gus, feeling used, gives Ross crude plans for a supercomputer and Ross agrees to build it in return for Gus creating an oil embargo by directing all oil tankers to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean until further notice. When the captain of one tanker insists on maintaining his original course, Lorelei seduces Superman, persuading him to waylay the tanker and breach the hull, causing a massive oil spill. The villains decamp to the computer's location in Glen Canyon. Superman goes on a drinking binge, is overcome by guilt, and suffers a nervous breakdown. In a junkyard, Superman splits into two personas: They engage in a battle, ending when Clark strangles his evil identity.

Restored to his normal self, Superman repairs the damage his counterpart caused. Gus's supercomputer identifies him as a threat and attempts to determine his weakness, unleashing a beam of pure Kryptonite.

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Guilt-ridden and horrified by the prospect of "going down in history as the man who killed Superman", Gus destroys the Kryptonite ray with a firefighter's axe, whereupon Superman flees. The computer becomes self-aware, defending itself against Gus's attempts to disable it.

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Ross and Lorelei escape the control room, but Vera is transformed into a cyborg. Vera attacks her brother and Lorelei with beams of energy that immobilize them. Superman returns with a canister of the Beltric acid. Superman places the canister by the supercomputer, which does not resist as it suspects no danger. The intense heat emitted by the supercomputer causes the acid to turn volatile, destroying the supercomputer. Superman flies away with Gus, leaving Ross and his cronies to the authorities, and drops Gus off at a West Virginia coal mine, where Superman recommends him to the company as a computer programmer.


Superman returns to Metropolis. As Clark, he is pays a visit to Lana, where he is attacked by Brad, who has stalked Lana to Metropolis, only to end up falling onto a room service cart. Lana has also found employment at the Daily Planet as Perry White's new secretary.

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He restores the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and then flies into the sunrise for further adventures. Mxyzptlk portrayed in the outline varies from his good-humored comic counterpart, as he uses his abilities to cause serious harm. Dudley Moore was the top choice to play the role.

Brainiac is portrayed as a surrogate father to Supergirl and eventually fell in love with his "daughter", who did not reciprocate his feelings, as she had fallen in love with Superman. Both Gene Hackman and Margot Kidder are said to have been angry with the way the Salkinds treated Superman director Richard Donner, with Hackman retaliating by refusing to reprise the role of Lex Luthor. Instead, he said, the creative team decided to pursue a different direction for a love interest for Superman, believing the Lois and Clark relationship had been played out in the first two films but could be revisited in the future.

With the choice to give a more prominent role to Lana Lang, Lois' part was reduced for story reasons. Salkind also denied the reports about Gene Hackman being upset with him, stating that Hackman was unable to return because of other film commitments. Most of the interior scenes were shot, like the previous Superman films, at Pinewood Studios outside London. The junkyard scene was filmed on Pinewood's backlot. Most exteriors were filmed in Calgary due to Canada's tax breaks for film companies. Superman's drinking binge was filmed at the St. While the supercomputer set was created on Pinewood's Stage , exteriors were shot at Glen Canyon in Utah.

The film includes "the same special effects team" from the prior two films. As with the previous sequel, the musical score was composed and conducted by Ken Thorne , using the Superman theme and most other themes from the first film composed by John Williams , but this time around there is more original music by Thorne than the Williams re-arrangements.

To capitalize on the popularity of synthesizer pop , Giorgio Moroder was hired to create songs for the film though their use in the film is minimal. William Kotzwinkle wrote a novelization of the film published in paperback by Warner Books in the U. Kotzwinkle thought the novelization "a delight the world has yet to find out about. Adults may enjoy the novel on its own merits, as a Black Comedy of sorts, but it's not written for kids, and most of the under crowd will either be puzzled or revolted by Kotzwinkle's dour humor.

Like the previous films, a separate extended edition was produced.

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The opening credits were in outer space with the main Superman theme with slight differences. The film was the 12th highest-grossing film of in North America.

In "When We First Met", we spotlight the various characters, phrases, objects or events that eventually became notable parts of comic lore, like the first time someone said, "Avengers Assemble! The most famous example is Time Magazine releasing its Superman 50th Anniversary edition on February 29th, cover-dated March 14th Oddly enough, as you can see, Captain Marvel's birthday is somehow also on Leap Day. I think that this is some wink wink nudge nudge "explanation" for why Superman does not age the same way that other people do, because his birthday only occurs every four years!

At least that's why I've always assumed that his birthday was held on that day. I don't believe it was ever expressed WHY that day was chosen.

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After all, many other dates have been used over the years Geoff Johns used a different one in Superman: One of the other most famous examples of this date being Superman's birthday was the classic Superman Annual 11 by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons in where Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin visit Superman for his birthday. That would be, of all places, in a letter column! Towards the end of Mort Weisinger's run as tenure of the Supemran titles, someone asked a question about Supermnan's birthday and Weisinger's main assistant was E.