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Same goes for Lydia. They usually like to do networking mingling events and speed dating events in large group rotation format. At least 3 Lasting Female Friends Made: I met Miss Sweet from my very first time attending a Love Express event, and she remains a very dear friend till this day, so I have a particular soft spot for this agency.

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Shortly after you sign up, they will send you an email with full instructions on how to make payment. After making payment and informing them, they will email you once again to confirm receipt of your payment. I also like that their emails are usually very prompt and very polite. I have met two of their hosts — Matthew and Leah.

Matthew I think his name is Matthew is an extremely pleasant chap, while Leah is a breath of fresh air.

Mass speed dating event hit among singles looking for new friends, rather than true love

Definitely a wonderful host. In terms of event organisation, I think it is so-so. None Event Registration Efficiency: He is well-known for his amazing efficiency, meticulousness, and attention to detail. The level of detail in his email instructions is second to none.

He has a knack for precision such that at times one is almost tempted to think that he was an engineer in his past life or something. He genuinely cares for his guests, and takes great care to ensure that you have an enjoyable event, and that your personal particulars are kept safe.

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However, I have never seemed to meet anyone from his events whom I was particularly interested in. This could just be due to luck or something. At least 4 Lasting Female Friends Made: My very first SDN dating event in my life was a Singles Mingle one, so in that sense I also have some special feelings for them. I also met dear Miss Arts House at this very first event under rather amusing circumstances , and I have also recently gotten to know Miss Hands from a Singles Mingle event too…so you could say that Singles Mingle does deserve a special place in my heart.

Kelvin is still one of my favourite hosts because he is so warm and welcoming. You always feel at ease when you meet him. He has a pleasant and calming charm about him.

Overall, I would still give Singles Mingle a 7. At least 2 Lasting Female Friends Made: My least favourite of all the five agencies, after my recent experience at their event. And neither have I met anyone whom I was that interested in too. The registration process was acceptable, though a slight bit haphazard. The actual speed dating event was competently organised, though I did not receive a very friendly reception from the organiser when I first arrived at the venue, and it kinda affected my mood for the rest of the evening.

Well, that one is really hard to determine. Of course, if you keep staying with the same agency, chances are that you are more likely to bump into the same few faces after awhile. I dare say that people tend to prefer to stick with a particular agency, although there are also those like me who sign up with all the various agencies.