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If you are thinking of using this type of service, take into consideration this important legal information. International dating and matchmaking agencies are not necessarily regulated in Canada. They often operate outside of Canada.

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This means that they may not be bound by Canadian laws. Canadian authorities immigration officials, police, courts, lawyers have no control over these agencies and what they are doing. This makes it difficult for Canadian authorities to help if problems arise. The duties that these agencies have to their clients generally fall under contract law meaning that they cannot break the signed agreement or contract both they and you signed and within general criminal law prohibitions to not commit a crime.

So if the agency did not breach either of these duties, they usually have no further legal obligations to their clients. These agencies do not guarantee that you and your husband will be happily married for a long time or that your husband-to-be is telling the truth. For example, your husband-to-be told you that he was very wealthy and owned a large home.

Once you came to Canada, you found out that this was not the case at all. He was actually unemployed and living in a rented apartment. In this phase, they are focused on the background, core values, goals and visions for the future. It is important to be as accurate and sincere as possible in order to help the team find the perfect match. The Key Core Compatibility Analysis is used to arrange dates that fit the personality requirements and physical criteria.

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Each meeting is followed by a feedback session in order to establish the pros and the cons. Step by step you get to meet your soul mate without effort.

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Hearts Canada is based on a well-trained matchmaker, Ruth. Her sixth sense, good judgment and experience help people find their soul mate.

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In order to contact people that want to find love, she establishes a one-on-one interview in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Hearth Canada is focused on the traditional approach of matchmaking. All the clients are serious and looking for a committed relationship.

Moreover, the membership is unlimited and perfect for all ages. Ruth Claramunt has a vast experience in this domain. For over 20 years, she helps people find true love. In order to learn more about this matchmaking service you can read the testimonials. Perfect Partners is a matchmaking service that aims to help people find true love. Moreover, it is focused on maintaining successful relationships. It is an option worthy to consider as it can help you find the Canadian soul mate.

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In order to become a client of Perfect Partner it is important to answer all the questions provided. Each first interview lasts about one hour. It also represents a great opportunity to find out more about the company and understand how the staff can help you. This matchmaking firm is focused on making the searching and dating experience fun and memorable.

The results must be satisfying and rewarding for the clients. You can even find out more about dating by following the blog. Magnetix is a Canadian owned dating services and matchmaking company. Founded by Julie Clitheroe, it is focused on helping men and women find true love. Privacy is highly valued in the company. For this reason, there are no public pictures or profiles posted on the web page. Each match is chosen based on the following criteria: In most cases, the right person is found within three or four introductions.

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There were many situations when couples were formed after the first date. Friend of a Friend Matchmaking represents a solution worthy to consider for all Canadians that are searching for love. These kinds of services are highly appreciated in a world where everything happens really fast and time passes by. Sofi is Chief Yenta at Friend of a Friend, a matchmaker who has many connections. She is well accustomed to the city life and for this, reason knows many people.

As it can be seen Sofi is the right person to introduce single people.

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Besides matchmaking services, the site also provides access to a blog. Here you can find safety tips to apply when going on a first date. Krystal Walter Matchmaking represents the quality assistance that can help you find the right person. Asking for professional help is an option worthy to consider by every single Canadian searching for love.

The services provided by this matchmaking company include a personal consultation. Each search is based on five different aspects: When you go on the first date, it is mandatory to get prepared.