Indian parents and dating 2

Mechanisms are already in place to begin addressing it in a way that doesn't undermine the integrity of the strategic partnership," Mr Desai said. Much of India's defence equipment historically comes from Russia and as a result, New Delhi must maintain its relationship with Moscow in this arena, Mr Desai said.

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India-US relations Narendra Modi. I was years-old -- make-up, beauty magazines, going to the mall with friends, and starting my freshman year of high school were all that mattered, but that was soon all put into perspective.

I’m Indian, He’s Chinese: My Parents Gave Me 2 Years To Break Up With My Boyfriend

I walked inside and found my mom crying. I had never seen her cry like this before.

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I didn't know how to respond, so I sat quiet. My mom told me she felt suffocated, stuck and lifeless. She told me how unhappy she was in her marriage, and many more things that took me by surprise.


I knew my mom had been battling depression and insomnia for years, but I had no idea she was going through this as well. I would see my parents fighting, but I never thought anything of it. It's no big deal. My parents would sleep in separate rooms, but I thought that was because of my mom's insomnia. Again, didn't think much of it. I remember how I reacted -- no way are my parents getting divorced. One reason was my personal insecurity of losing my parents.

My Indian Parents Got Divorced and It Was the Best Thing That Happened to Us | HuffPost Life

Secondly being we were Indian. If I'm against it, they would have to make it work. If our family is against it, they would have to make it work. If you're Indian, you don't get divorced, you make it work, it's the rule -- that was my mentality because I assumed it was "shameful" in Indian society. Even before I was born, my parent's marriage wasn't the strongest, but they both held on for my sake.

My parents' marriage was arranged. My mom came from a wealthier family than my dad, a rare arrangement in India. She was married when she was 18, and had me when she was My parents weren't the wealthiest, we didn't have a big house or nice cars, things that defined "who you were" in the Indian community my parents belonged to.

My dad owned a transmission business and my mom didn't have an everlasting career.

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We were well off, but we were never of "status". High school was hard. My parent's marriage went through many ups and downs. My mom would leave for India for months at a time, so I would spend most of my time with my dad.

My Indian Parents Got Divorced and It Was the Best Thing That Happened to Us

I never spoke to him about his feelings. I didn't know how. I suffered depression and started hurting myself. On one hand, I was relieved, but there were so many worries that came after: Were my parents going to disown me?

Indian Parents and Dating 2

Were they going to force me to break up with Tim? They wanted to know how old he was, what he does, what his parents do — the usual stuff. They refused to see him for who he is as a person. They only saw him as not Hindu. I was frustrated and hurt. It was illogical, but at the same time, expected. My family has always been conservative. My parents never outrightly forbade me from dating a Chinese but it was heavily implied that bringing home a boy of a different race was frowned upon. I had found a second family in them, joining them for significant family gatherings like Chinese New Year dinner and birthday parties.

I love my parents, but even I have to admit they can be pretty racist.