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The funny thing about the TiVo Premiere is that it really doesn't do anything new. It's a TiVo, it does what TiVo always does. It does it with a more powerful dual-core processor and high definition Flash-based UI, but it remains the same viewing experience that turns regular TV viewers into TiVo cultists. That said, it's got a number of limitations that mean it's only a single part of my solution for canceling cable, one of them is the fact that it cannot access the majority of the free content on the Web. Some of the over-the-air networks I receive are not included in my Comcast package, but could serve as a loose replacement for others.

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This is made up of the content it captures from live broadcasts, the access it has to YouTube, and its extensive roster of video podcasts it can capture. I don't think I should include this in my overall cost since I was paying for Netflix already, but I am just for the sake of everyone who doesn't.

Since Amazon on Demand and Blockbuster on Demand are both pay-per-item, they also increase available content, but only really replace the pay-per-view section of Comcast's lineup. The bottom line in free web-based television content is still Hulu, and your options for bringing that to your TV with regular old consumer gear are pretty limited.

But the fact remains that it's been the most consistent TV-based access to Hulu when all the other free solutions keep getting blocked. That alone is worth it to me. You install the MediaMall server on your connected PC, and all of your game consoles have access to PlayOn channels, the content on your PC's drives, and any networked storage.

One of the most startling parts of PlayOn is that every single feature works on the humble Nintendo Wii through its built-in Opera browser. THE most startling part is that it's actually the best implementation of PlayOn on all three consoles , and it's still only in beta. I am fully aware that the Wii is not an HD device, but when you consider the source quality of most of the content you'll be watching, you realize that the lack of HD can actually be a blessing.

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The problem remains that there are still a ton of cable channels putting up their content for free on the Web, but there's no central place to view them on your television. This includes stations like FX , Bravo , E! You'll also get a two-week programming guide, plus access to streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube, provided you have a broadband connection.

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Unlike the other TiVos, this has no lifetime subscription option, which usually works out better if you expect to use the DVR for at least three or four years. Looking for a great TV antenna? Check out our report on some of the top-selling indoor models. And it will also offer recommendations based on the programs you've previously recorded.

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But is it a good deal? TiVo has always stood out for its intuitive, easy-to-use interface, and certainly the lower price for the hardware makes the Roamio OTA DVR worth considering. We haven't yet tested the Roamio OTA DVR, but we expect that it will be a worthwhile option mainly for those able and willing to pay a bit more for it. But as competition has increased in the marketplace, it has expanded into other mass communication areas. The service is delivered to your home in the same manner as Internet Internet protocol and is designed to require a standard receiver much like a cable box or a DVR, such as TiVo, to be viewed.

As of May , U-verse is not available in all areas of the United States and is available only in areas that have very high bit-rate digital subscriber line capability. Wireless phone companies are offering bundles that include television, just like the cable and satellite providers. Verizon now offers FiOS -- an all-inclusive package for your Internet, television and telephone services.

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Verizon delivers TV, Internet and phone service over a fiber-optic network to an optical network terminal installed in your home. The terminal divides the signals, sending the television signal through a typical coaxial connection to your television s. Much like U-verse, FiOS requires a receiver for the signal to be viewed. Ask your Verizon provider if FiOS is available in your area. Also, examine the offerings of other cellular phone service providers. They may expand their services to include TV and Internet services, if they don't already.