Deep well pump hook up

The use of rubber grip gloves can be very helpful here, but is not necessary.

Once the well pump is out, you can start removing the old pump. You will need to match its specifications for the new pump. There are 2 different models, one with a control box, one without. When purchasing a new submersible pump, please remember how difficult and troublesome the job is and purchase the most reliable, well reviewed pump you can.

Losing water because of a cheaper pump could cost you more in the long run. When connecting a new pump, make sure that you have someone electrically knowledgeable or an electrical contractor make the connections. For example, a volt pump with two black wires two "hots" and 1 green wire "ground". When ready to make the electrical connections, make sure to put the heat shrink plastic onto each wire before making the crimp connections. Getting better crimp connectors than those supplied with your pump would be a good idea.

INSTALL A SUBMERSIBLE PUMP: 6 Lessons for Doing It the Right Way

Remember, you don't want to have to remove the pump once it is down in the pipe just because of a bad connection. Once crimped and securely in place, you need to place the heat shrink tubing over the crimp connectors. When in place, you need to add a good amount of heat to the tubing to make it shrink, a match or lighter will not be enough heat. I used a small propane torch.

How to Replace a Submersible Well Pump (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Once heat shrunk, tape the wires to the pipe to keep them from moving freely in the pipe. To do this, you will need the amount of water pipe ' in this example plus an extra 10' to allow for loops and connection to a lift next time. You will also need 6 stainless steel cable clamps, use 3 at each end. Now you are ready to install your new pump. You do not need to tape the cable to the water pipe, but you can. Place the pump near the hole and move the water flex pipe so it is in a straight line to the well head.

Just like removal, use 2 people at the well head, and another person to walk the flex pipe towards the well head. Insert the pump into the hole, and slowly start the decent. When the pump hits the water level, it may reduce in weight. This is perfectly normal since items in water weigh less then in air. Once you get to the pitless adapter, you will need to install your "T" tool once again.

Have one person hold the pitless adapter and have someone else screw it in place. Then you can finish inserting the pitless adapter back into place. When the pitless adapter is secured, you will have not weight on the "T" tool, and it can be removed.

Install a Submersible Pump Q&A

Please do not push hard to make sure it is seated properly since this can damage the well casing. Now you can reconnect the electrical connections at the top of the well, and again, if you don't feel comfortable doing this, consult an expert. Before installing the cap, it is best to check to see if you have water.

Connect a hose to the hose connection at the bladder tank, turn on, and shut off the water going to the house. Turn the breaker on to the pump. Your water should gurgle, this sound is what happens when air is being pushed around. If you do not have water after 5 minutes; shut off the breaker to the pump. This is not a problem, what you need to do is wait 5 minutes and allow the water that is being pumped up to settle into the pipe and force the air bubbles up.

2 Wire and 3 Wire Submersible Well Pump Motor Wiring Differences Explained

Then after 5 minutes or so, turn the breaker on and you should have good flowing water. Your water should now be checked for bacteria and for "softness" by a certified water company since there is always a chance for bacteria to enter you water system.

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Install a "sacrificial" filter canister and filter in the pipes leading to your pressurization tank. You can buy these at hardware and camping stores. These filters are cheap and designed to remove dirt and sand from water. The more expensive filters will remove metals, protozoa parasites , and many other things if you need to improve your water quality overall.

Otherwise, a cheap sacrificial filter will do the job. The canister is clear plastic and sold with a plastic wrench that will unscrew the canister so you can replace the disposable filter inside when it gets dirty. Throw the filter away, place a new one inside, and screw the canister back in place. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. It screws on and off just like a pipe coupling or a nut on a bolt.

Right-hand thread is an industry standard; left-hand thread is very rarely encountered. Depending on the electrical power supplied, yes, it can run backwards. However, if you are asking this question, you need to hire an electrician to do the hookup. A pump running backwards can get wrecked quite quickly.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. The pipe coming up from the well makes a 90 degree turn at the top and that is where the pitless adapter joins the two pipes. There is a female connection on the top of he adapter and the T handle screws into that coupling. You can build your own T handle out of pipes purchased at a hardware store.

Just follow the directions in step 4 above. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 1. That depends entirely on your situation. Anecdotally, I have a friend with a well that's 15' deep, and a friend with a well where the pump sits ' down. You should be able to find out how deep your well is by looking at the paperwork that came with your house. Not Helpful 7 Helpful 2. Wires travel down from the surface to power the pump via a control box, with the water pipe itself exiting the sides of the metal well casing below the frost line before traveling horizontally into your building.

Click on the illustration to the left for a detailed view of a typical submersible pump system. This is a typical installation and it allows you to see both the removal and replacement sides of the work. Whether lifting or lowering a submersible, the process involves two things: Imagine a metal plumbing elbow that slides apart in two pieces.

This is a pitless adaptor and you can see how it works to the right. The other half of the adaptor shown above it in the illustration is connected to the black polyethylene pipe that travels down near the bottom of the well, where the pump is.

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  5. How to Replace a Well Pump (with Pictures) - wikiHow.

Notice how the top end of the pitless adaptor is threaded? This detail is key. Removing the pump and water line involves separating the sliding part of the pitless adaptor up and out of the well, and for this you need that home made tool. The bottom end of the tool threads into the hole in the top of the pitless adaptor, allowing you to pull it and the pipe and pump up and out of the well.

Pulling a failed submersible pump teaches lessons, and one of the most surprising is the reason why many pumps fail.